Aji Oriental Flavours

Chef Miguel Teixeira

Yakimono (grilled), nimono (cooked), mushimono (vaporized), agemono (crumbed and fried) and sushi (raw). With or without the hashis (chopsticks), a culinary experience to remember.

At the Restaurante Aji Oriental Flavours, you’ll find the genuine fusion of japanese cuisine. This is the right place for oriental cuisine lovers. With a contemporary and informal environment, let yourself be inspired by the confections of our chef. Welcome to Aji Oriental Flavours!

289 038 016

VidaMar Resort Hotel Algarve

With a seafront view towards Salgados beach, a golf field and a natural reservation, VidaMar Resort Hotel Algarve gathers several different experiences in a harmonious whole.

This Albufeira hotel near the beach offers an innovative concept that focuses on the individual needs of each client and satisfies the wish for variety. It all comes down to an unforgettable experience in a beachfront hotel with relaxing, inspirational and adventurous moments. VIDA and MAR provide their clients with moments to remember. Welcomed by the sound of the ocean, as soon as guests enter VidaMar Resort Algarve, they will know they have arrived to the perfect hotel to enjoy their vacation. Guests can opt to combine the relaxing MAR experience with the active VIDA experience with several activities for families.

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