À Terra

Chef Adérito de Almeida

More than a restaurant, a new concept.

More than a restaurant, À Terra is a way of life. Inspired in nature’s products, this restaurant is also a journey to humans’ origins and to what was naturally pure and genuine. We invite you to enter this gracious restaurant where dishes are served with love and meals are prepared with skill and heart. À Terra is a restaurant based on homemade, delicious, healthy and rustic food. Based on the concept of sharing, it includes a continuous all-day service and uses many local ingredients such as olive oil, “flor de sal” (pure salt), figs, carobs, oranges, mushrooms, eggplants, tomatoes, coriander and others alike.

Rustic life is back to give the soul the warm comfort of things that are close to our memory: aromas, textures, colours, flavours, melodies, sensations, stories … basically, all life ingredients that are familiar to us and hold the potential to make us truly happy. The traditional wood oven and the Josper grill are the main “players” in this fornaria. Here you will find pizzas, bruschettas and various roasts prepared in old, traditional ways. We also recommend our fresh salads, rice with local vegetables and herbs from our aromatic garden, gratins, Algarve “xarém” and many others. Sharing continues through dessert with delicious tarts, fruits “au gratin”, homemade ice-creams, mousses, créme-brûlée and a final “gourmand” Expresso coffee. Bread is one of the restaurant’s key elements. Baked in the traditional wood oven, it is present from early morning to late evening.

(+351) 289 790 790

Vilamonte Farm House

A true reference to what we call FARM HOUSE, with timeless simplicity, a local, rustic atmosphere and a BOHO-CHIC spirit. Reinterpretation of the Algarve environment, with the integration of the elements that characterize it.

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